1438 Newport Avenue, Pawtucket, RI 02861


About Us


Habanos Cigar Lounge is located at 1438 Newport Ave in Pawtucket, RI. From the outside, there’s no way you’d understand how much warmth and friendship awaits once you step inside. Please come in. Let us welcome you into the true cigar community, where if we don’t know your name yet, we certainly will soon.

“Cigar smoking knows no politics. It’s about the pursuit of pleasure, taste, and aroma.”-Anonymous

At Habanos, you have many choices:
Come in alone, settle in to a comfortable chair, order a drink, treat yourself from our specialty tapas menu, light a favorite cigar, and quietly contemplate your day. Or sit at the bar and chat with a lovely bartender and your soon-to-be good friends and try out a new cigar. Or bring friends and settle down for an evening of smoke, camaraderie, and laughter.

We promise whether you come in alone or with friends, you’ll feel welcome and appreciated, both from the Habanos staff and the other patrons. After all, a special group of people make up the cigar community—people who become fast friends based on shared love of cigars in all their incarnations. At Habanos, you’ll find these people who follow cigar traditions, appreciate the composition and time necessary to create and age a cigar, and—perhaps most importantly—respect each other.

A Brazilian proverb states “Every cigar goes up in smoke.” While this is true, the journey to that end is what makes the cigar experience memorable. Smoking a cigar requires you to relax, to enjoy the time, to savor the experience and flavor, to appreciate your surroundings.
Speaking of smoke, you won’t find any at Habanos. We recently invested in a state-of-the-art ventilation system so your experience is even more enjoyable.

We also have five big-screen televisions so you can watch the games (or anything else you fancy) in comfortable chairs while enjoying your favorite cigar. We understand that for many folks, this is their idea of heaven. Welcome to heaven.

“Any cigar smoker is friend, because I know how he feels.”-Alfred de Musset