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Cohiba cigars are synonymous with extravagant taste. It was created in 1966 for President Fidel Castro and was made at the then top secret but now world famous El Laguito factory.

La Gloria Cubana

La Gloria Cubana Cigars. Year of foundation: 1885. La Gloria Cubana has become the cigar of choice for cigar smokers who appreciate a richer, fuller bodied smoke.


This cigar is blended to deliver full body taste while maintaining an unparalleled smoothness. This flavorful blend exhibits complex tobacco with rich coffee and dark chocolate tones.


Acid Cigars come in easy-to-smoke packages and are great for the perfect short smoke. With the sampler pack, you will receive the five best-tasting Acid cigars all in one perfectly sized package.

Alec Bradley

Arturo Bradley is one of the most popular cigars in the world. A combination of experience and some of the best tobacco the country has to offer has put Bradley cigars at the top of the ratings.

Arturo Fuente

Arturo Fuente cigars are the best in the business. Each Arturo Fuente cigar is treated with the same attention & care as the last; making it no surprise Arturo Fuente cigars are so highly sought after.


Ashton cigars are made from a unique blend of select, specially-aged Dominican leaves and surrounded by smooth-smoking Connecticut shade-grown wrappers.


Asylum Cigars are from the mind of Christian Eiroa. Solidly packed with all Nicaraguan tobacco, these cigars are sure to please anyone who enjoys a fine cigar.


Davidoff is the best-known luxury brand in the cigar world. They offer a wide range of complex flavors, and are revered by cigar connoisseurs around the globe.


Bolivar name lies a long, rich history in premium cigars dating back to 1901, the powerful flavour of the Bolivar range is almost as widely know as it’s namesake, Simon Bolivar.


Avo is a top brand produced at the famous Tabadom Factory by the makers of Davidoff. Its silky and creamy aroma make it one of the best-selling premium Dominican cigars in the world.


Camacho offers bold premium handmade cigars for serious cigar smokers. Camacho cigars get a delicious makeover with this full-flavored cigar without the overwhelming strength.


Producer of some of the top lines of premium cigars, CAO has been in the business since 1964. CAO pipe tobacco has also been ranked highly among premium pipe tobacco smokers.

H. Upmann

H Upmann brand cigars for true aficionados of old fashioned, Cuban-style cigars. They produce an even, cool smoke from beginning to end, and can always be relied upon to impress.


Dunhill cigars feature creamy refined smokes with wood finishes, the pipe tobacco line offers a variety of tobaccos including Virginias, Periques, Latakias and more.


Zino Platinum has been a staple in many aficionados’ rotation for some time now, and with good reason – it’s a darn fine line of cigars.

Don Pepin

Don Pepin Garcia cigars are some of the finest, highest quality boutique handmades on the market today, offering full-flavored goodness equipped with balance and grace.

J. Grotto

The J. Grotto Series is one of two cigar blends made by indie cigar maker, Ocean State Cigars. Ocean State Cigars was founded by Paul Joyal.

Joya de Nicaragua

Joya de Nicaragua, S.A., established in 1968, is the oldest brand of cigars made in Nicaragua. One of the hottest, strongest smokes on the market.

My Father

My Father cigars were introduced in 2008 by Jaime Garcia, son of the renowned Don Jose Pepin Garcia, at Jaime’s My Father factory.

La Sirena

The Miami Cigar Company launched La Sirena Classic Cigars in 2010 in Chicago. The result is a rich, full-bodied smoke that’s layered with complexity.


Kristoff is a brand with a rapidly rising reputation for producing Cuban-style cigars boasting an appearance that promises luxury and a smoking experience that lives up to that promise.


Montecristo cigars, the world’s most famous cigar trademark, originated in Cuba in 1935. It forms the benchmark for many Habanos smokers against which other brands are judged.

La Perla

La Perla Habana has established itself as one of the premier boutiqu e cigar brands in the market. La Perla is a classic brand that focuses on making quality cigars at an everyday low price.

La Aurora

Want to end the day in a relaxing manner, with a fine cigar and a glass of exquisite cognac in your hand? If so, just try the best selection of La Aurora cigars.

San Lotano

San Lotano is the epitome of what a full-bodied cigar should be. Strong and flavorful, yet balanced and smooth, San Lotano is extraordinary.


Nub is a line of short, stout and well-filled smokes blended to capture the perfect essence of a cigar. NUb Connecticut cigars are unlike anything you’ve smoked before.

San Cristobal

After 2 years of careful blending and planning, San Cristobal has come to fruition. San Cristobal is a luxurious cigar built for the achieved palate.


Partagás is among the oldest extant brands of cigars. Partagas continues to be synonymous with quality handmade cigars with a rich history more than 160 years old.


Perdomo is one of the most sought after brands produced in Nicaragua today. Each Perdomo cigar performs like a dream, bringing rich balanced flavors in droves.


Created in 1840 by Manuel Lopez. Establishing itself as a house-hold name, each Punch cigar provides unmatched flavor and aromas. In short, Punch cigars deliver.

Saint Luis Rey

Saint Luis Rey the brand was created in 1938 and leans toward the lighter side in strength. Wrapped in a thick, oily Nicaraguan leaf, this smooth robust smoke is a delight.


Padrón cigars use 100% Dominican tobacco blends. These cigars are perfect for daily smokers as well as for special occasions. These cigars range in flavor based on their series.

Nestor Miranda

Nestor Miranda founded Miami Cigar Co. in 1989 with a strong knowledge base and a passion for quality cigar manufacturing. There is no way you can go wrong with a Nestor Miranda cigar.

E.P. Carrillo

E.P. Carrillo is a fantastic, medium to full-bodied handmade from one of the industry’s oldest and most respected cigar artisans.